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I haven't updated this in far too long.  Here is my current speaking schedule:


SOURCE Boston 2014 where I am presenting with Kevin Thompson (@bfist) on Ripped from the Headlines: What the news tells us about Information Security Incidents

CEIC 2014, where I am going to be really busy.  I'm presenting the 2014 DBIR Lessons Learned, and I have organized a panel of authors that will be held twice during the conference:  So You Want to Write a Forensics Book.  One of the panelists, Dave Cowen, has written a post about the panel.

My book, Computer Forensics and Digital Investigations with EnCase Forensic, publishes in May, so we will be doing some fun things at the conference around that as well.

SANS DFIR Summit 2014, where I have organized a panel of authors, So You Want to Write a Forensics Book.  One of the panelists, Harlan Carvey, has written a nice preview.




The Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report has published


I am very proud to be one of the co-authors on this year's report.  It has been so rewarding to be part of the team that produces this research, and I hope to continue to make contributions to data breach research for a long time to come.  So download the report, read it, and take it to heart.  There is some excellent information in there.

I participated in several press interviews in support of the report.  Here are links to those articles as well.

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Tips for healthcare data breach prevention from Verizon research

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Point of Sale Terminals Most Affected by Breaches in Health Care Industry, Data Shows

Data Breach Report Urges 'Know Your Adversary'

Medical system largely unprepared for privacy breaches